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Archived files

What is an "Archived Synker file" (file suffix .skz)?

  1. This is a very small file that represents an ordinary file instead of storing the ordinary file locally on the computer.
  2. A file can be archived by Synker in order to save local storage space, or for security reasons.
  3. Synker uses so called intelligent synchronization to automatically try to make sure that primarily the least recently used files get archived, and to automatically restore archived files when there is enough local storage space.
  4. An archived file can sometimes, but not always, be restored (be replaced by the actual proper file) even when working offline.

How do I open an Archived Synker file?

  1. In your local file browser (e.g. Windows Explorer) double-click on the file, wait for the file to be downloaded, and the open it as usual. Note that this method does not work with all file browsers.
  2. Alternatively, double-click the file in the file directory in Synker. If the file is available for download, it will then be downloaded and will be opened in the default application for the file type as soon as the download has finished.
  3. You can also right-click on the file in Synker and choose Download. When the file has been downloaded, it can opened in the normal way.
  4. Please note that it may take a little while for an archived file to be downloaded. How long it takes depends on the size of the file, the available network connection, how long the file has been archived, and if there is another nearby computer with a copy of the file.