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Safespring documentation

This site contains documentation for Safespring services and user resources.

New support address for all services

We will be adding a new address for tickets, to replace the previous support addresses under The old addresses will continue working for a while, but we hope it will simplify your experience by having a single point of access regardless of which service you need help with.

Known issues

Please review our list of known issues to avoid spending time on issues we are already aware of.


Our services are delivered from three datacentres in Norway and Sweden - osl1 in the Oslo region, and sto1 and sto2 at two different locations in the Stockholm region

osl1 sto1 sto2
Safespring Compute X X -
Safespring Storage X - X
Safespring Backup - - X

Safesping Compute

To get started with the Compute service, see the getting started guide

Safespring Storage

To get started with the Storage service, we have a page with general information

Safespring Backup

To get started with the Backup service, see the getting started guide