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How to setup mc for use with Safesprings S3

Installing minio

Install minio client (mc) from

Set up credentials

Running this command


should produce a config like the one below, naming the alias sto2 and using S3v4 API

  more $HOME/.minioc/config.json
   "version": "10",
   "aliases": {
     "sto2": {
              "url": "",
              "accessKey": "CFxxxxxxxxxxxxT8",
              "secretKey": "R39yyyyyyyyyyykN",
              "api": "S3v4",
              "path": "auto"

Running various commands

On this machine, the mc command was renamed "minioc" by the package manager, presumably because midnight commander has been using the name "mc" for a very long time.

$ date > DATETIME.txt
$ minioc cp DATETIME.txt  sto2/jj_demo/
DATETIME.txt:   30 B / 30 B [=======================] 209 B/s 0s
$ minioc ls sto2/jj_demo/
[2021-05-27 15:12:58 CEST]    30B DATETIME.txt
$ minioc rm sto2/jj_demo/DATETIME.txt
Removing `sto2/jj_demo/DATETIME.txt`.

As you can see here, the "sto2" alias requires no s3:// or other indicator of the remote side, which is slightly different from other command line clients and makes it look like a local directory specifier.

Complete (and long) guide available for mc here: