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How to setup s3fs for use with Safesprings S3

Ubuntu 16.04

First install s3fs:

$ sudo apt-get install s3fs

To set up credentials put your aws key and secret in the file ~/.passwd-s3fs: <your_aws_key_id>:<your_aws_secret_key> This file must have the permissions 0600. It is also possible to put the contents in /etc/passwd-s3fs. The rights for this file must be set to 0640.

To mount the S3-storage (and to set up cache in order to increase performance:

$ sudo mkdir /tmp/cache

$ sudo mkdir /s3mnt

$ sudo chmod 777 /tmp/cache /s3mnt

$ sudo chmod 600 ~/.passwd-s3fs

$ sudo s3fs <bucket_name> -o use_cache=/tmp/cache -o sigv2 -o use_path_request_style -o url= -o allow_other -o multireq_max=5 /s3mnt