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Quickstart Guide

In this Quickstart Guide, we will cover how to create

  • Consumption Unit and Assign that with a backup node
  • Install IBM Spectrum Protect Backup-Archive Client
  • Configure IBM Spectrum Protect Backup-Archive Client
  • Schedule our first backup

Create Consumption Unit

For more information, please read How-To Consumption Units

Login to Safespring Backup Portal with your credentials. Need new credentials? talk to our support

BaaS Portal Login

When you log in for the first time, you will see an empty desktop, but if you already have node assigned, you will see a summary on all created nodes.

Clean BaaS Portal Desktop

Click on the "Consumption Units" tab and then "Add"

New Consumption Unit

Type a friendly name, e.g., hostname or FQDN. Then press "Add". When the consumption unit has been created, the portal will ask you if you want to add/assign a backup node to the consumption unit, press "Yes" to continue.

Fill out the form like, Platform, preferred backup server, Domain, Client Option set and contact details (e.g., Server owner E-Mail or Support Email).

The Client Option Set defaults to Dedup_and_Compression to allow but not force the client to attempt to use deduplication and compression before sending data over to the server in order to reduce transfer time and amount. Other options include Force_Encrypt which will unconditionally make the client locally encrypt all data before transfer with a key you need to enter once. These two options are mutually exclusive. There is a None option that sets no client options from server-side.

The Domain decides the retention time of your backups. For example, if you choose 60DAYS, then previously backed-up files will remain on the backup server for 60 days. STANDARD sets the retention time to 180 days.

Consumption Unit New Node

We are recommending that you let "Data-source" be empty to let us randomize the nodename. Press "Activate" to proceed with the activation of your consumption unit.

Activate Consumption Unit

The next step is to install the IBM Spectrum Protect Backup-Archive Client.

Install IBM Spectrum Protect Backup-Archive Client

Install the IBM Spectrum Protect Backup-Archive Client, you can download the latest client from [IBMs FTP Server][]

Please follow in the installation instructions for your Operating System.