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Contributing to the documentation

Basic requirements

If you want to contribute, please consider the following:

  • An account on is needed in order to fork this repository and make changes to it.
  • The documentation on this site is written using a text markup language named Markdown. Please read this article for a quick intro to its basic features. Next, comparing this example of Markdown elements with its source will get you going.
  • The documentation is published under a Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 license and all contributions will implicitly adhere to that license.

Fast GitHub-based workflow

For quick, small changes, like fixing a typo or rewording something, the easiest way to contribute is directly on GitHub!

  1. Click the pencil to the right of the header on the page. This will open the page in GitHub's online editor.

  2. Edit the contents, describe your changes and click on the Propose file change button.

  3. GitHub will now create a branch and a commit for your changes (forking the repository first if this is your first contribution) and it will also display a preview of your changes. If everything is correct, click on the Create pull request button.

  4. GitHub will display a new page where you can do some last-minute changes to your pull request before creating it. For simple contributions, you can safely ignore these options and just click on the Create pull request button again.

This creates a pull request and will notify Safespring to review it, possibly suggesting further tweaks or edits. Thank you very much :-)

Larger contributions

  1. Cloning the repository

  2. Making changes or additions

  3. Submitting a pull request