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Object locking feature

Object locking is a new feature, that exists for certain test accounts at Safespring storage. Object locking makes all objects uploaded to a bucket immutable for a certain time, which makes it impossible to delete uploaded objects before that time has passed. For instance, if a timer on one month is configured on a bucket, all objects uploaded to that bucket will be immutable and locked for a month before they can be deleted.

This is very useful as a protection for crypto-lockers which are getting more and more advanced and also attacks the backup solution to prevent an easy recovery from such an attack. By enabling Object locking the malevolent software will not be able to the delete backups which will make it possible to recover.

Object locking in Veeam

The latest versions of Veeam Backup has support for this feature and can be enabled when creating an Object Storage Repository in Veeam:

Veeam Immutable Setting

Creating buckets that allow object locking

In order to use object locking (with Veeam 10+ and the Immutable Feature for instance) you need to specify at creation time that the bucket is to allow locking of objects, this can be done with minios “mc” or with aws-cli command:

mc —with-lock mb ceph/mybucket
aws --endpoint=https://s3.stoX s3api create-bucket --bucket=bucketnamehere --object-lock-enabled-for-bucket