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Microsoft SQL Server Installation (64-bit)

Manual installation

This document describes how to manually install IBM Storage Defender Online Backup Agent for Microsoft SQL Server.

Requirement before you start:

You need to install IBM Storage Defender Backup-Archive Client before you start installing the Online agent for MS SQL.

Required files:

Installation and Configuration


  1. Download the required files according to above into a temporary folder
  2. Run 8.1.xx.x-TIV-TSMSQL-Win.exe to extract all installations files.
  3. Open the 8.1.xx.x-TIV-TSMSQL-Win Installation directory that just get created and run SetupFCM.exe and accept the UAC pop-up that comes up.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen, and if this is a new installation, you maybe need to install a few requirements TDP Dependency

  5. To make your configuration phase easier, we need to install one more package, under installation package directory, you need to open TSMSQL_WIN\fcm\x64\sql\81xxx\enu and start installation program the spinstall.exe

  6. Install all dependencies and follow the standard installation.


  1. Login on Safepspring Backup Portal
  2. Create a Microsoft SQL Backup Consumption Unit. Create SQL Consumption Unit
    1. If you use an AlwaysOn cluster, you need to create a consumption unit per host and one AlwaysOn Consumption Unit
    2. The AlwaysOn Consumption Unit, click on [+ Add] and select all AlwaysOn Cluster nodes. AlwaysOn Cluster Config
  3. Modify dsm.opt and insert the unique configuration information for your host. Configuration of dsm.opt
    1. If you are using an AlwaysOn cluster, you do also need to modify the tdpsql.cfg file AlwaysOn Configuration
  4. Copy the tdpsql.cfg and dsm.opt to the C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\TdpSql directory.
    1. If you use an AlwaysOn cluster, you need to run the configuration on all the nodes.
  5. Start the IBM Data Protection for Microsoft SQL Agent on your SQL Server DP for Microsoft SQL
  6. Run a Manuall Full Backup to verify your password. Manuall Backup

Schedule Backups

  1. Download the required backup scripts and save them to C:\safespring
  2. Full Backup Script (Right-click and Save)
  3. Log Backup Script (Right-click and Save)
  4. Differential Backup Script (Right-click and Save)
  5. Install Backup Schedule Services (Right-click and Save)
  6. Login on Safepspring Backup Portal
  7. Select on the Microsoft SQL Backup Consumption Unit
    1. If you are using an AlwaysOn cluster, you need to do all the steps on all the cluster nodes and not on the AlwaysOn Node.
  8. Go to the Schedules tab and select the backup schedules you want to protect your environment.
    1. If you want to run Full Backup you need the Full Backup Script, for Log Backups you need the Log backup Script and Differential Backup you need the Differential Backup Script in your c:\safespring directory.
  9. We recommend installing a separate IBM Client Acceptor Service that are only control Microsoft SQL Backup Service, so part of the installation do you need to start a Command Line Window and run the configuration script tdpsql-install-windows.cmd that you saved in the c:\Safespring directory. Run the script with two parameters tdpsql-install-windows.cmd NODENAME PASSWORD Installing Backup Scheduler