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Roadmap for safespring services

This page describes what we are working on right now

Roadmap for Safespring services

Currently working on Near term plans Future plans
Openstack upgrade for Safespring Mangaged Infrastructure New dashboard for Safespring Backup N/A
New network stack New revised flavours,including larger sizes in osl1 N/A
Openstack upgrade for Safesring Compute Flavours with dedicated storage in osl1 N/A

Recent changes in the platform

January 2020

  • Improved performance for Safespring Storage service in sto2
  • New support email – for all our services

December 2019

  • Updated backup client to
  • New Storage Cluster in sto2

November 2019

  • New compute nodes with local disk and AMD CPUs in sto1
  • New compute flavors