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Deleting Nodes

Deleting nodes from the backup server is done through Cloutility. A user may either delete the node directly, or submit a deletion request for backup administrators to accept/reject. A less privileged user may only have the option to submit a request rather than delete the node on their own.

You as a backup administrator have the ability to assign new roles and create new accounts with these roles under your organization. In this way, you can choose if users with a specific role can or cannot delete nodes directly.

In the Cloutility portal, deleting backup nodes is done by deleting the consumption unit. Therefore, this article will (almost exclusively) describe deletion of consumption units rather than backup nodes, as the former implies the latter.

Relevant Role Permissions

The following are the most relevant permissions for consumption unit deletion. They can be adjusted for roles under Settings (cogwheel, top-right corner), then Roles.

  • Deletion request - Create - Can make a Deletion Requests.
  • Deletion request - Approve - Can approve deletion requests.
  • Deletion request - Delete - Can reject deletion requests.
  • Consumption unit - Delete - Can delete a consumption unit without making a deletion request.

Deletion request settings page

Under each Business Unit you can find settings for how Delete requests should work. They are found under Settings, Identity and then Deletion request settings. The following permissions can be assigned to roles pertaining to these settings.

  • Deletion request settings - View - View this page. Create, Edit, Delete depend on this permission being granted.
  • Deletion request settings - View - Edit deletion request settings.
  • Deletion request settings - Create - Create date rules for deletion of Consumption Units as well as Filespaces.
  • Deletion request settings - Delete - Remove date rules.

Note: You may only change these settings for descendant Business Units of your Business Unit. This settings page will be disabled on the Business Units of your account regardless of which permissions you have.


  • Backup node - Delete - Can delete a backup node. It is unclear how any deletion option manifests itself in the Cloutility portal because of this permission. However, it is recommended to turn it off for roles that should not be able to delete backup nodes without making a consumption unit deletion request.


Assume that you have two roles.

  1. Backup Administrator: all the organization-wide backup-responsible IT people.
  2. Department IT Administrator: backup-responsible IT people for specific departments.

Then you may want to let people with Role #1 have the ability to delete consumption units without asking for approval, in which case you leave the Consumption unit - Delete permission on.

What Backup Administrators see: Can delete without making a request

Conversely, for the sake of safety and security, you as a Backup Administrator may decide to turn off the Consumption unit - Delete for Role #2. But you leave Deletion request - Create on.

What Department IT Administrators see: Can only request a deletion

Deletion Requests

Users with the permission Deletion request - Create may request the deletion of a consumption unit. If such a request has been submitted, other users with the permissions Deletion request - Approve or Deletion request - Delete may then choose to approve or reject the request respectively. This choice can be done by visiting the "Deletion requests" page, from the top menu.

If enough approvals have been made, as specified by the "Required approvals per deletion request" setting under the "Deletion request settings" page, then the node will be marked for deletion at the requested date.