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Debian/Ubuntu Linux (64-bit)

These instructions show how to install the TSM client on Debian or Ubuntu. We will use a shell-script listed below and the TSM-debian repositories Safespring privides.

Start with creating a node inte portal: Create node

Make sure to fill in all the fields and to choose "Traditional files" at "Application" dropdown. Click "Create node".

After the creation is finished you will be presented with this dialogue:

Node created Make sure to save the password in a textfile for further reference. Also click the "Download configuration" and save the ZIP-file on your computer.

Create a file with the following contents:

cat > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/safespring-baas.list << EOF
deb xenial main
wget -qO - | sudo apt-key add -
apt-get install unzip
apt-get update && apt install safespring-baas-setup
unzip dsm-*
cp dsm.opt $WORKINGDIR
cp dsm.sys $WORKINGDIR
dsmc query session
cat > /etc/systemd/system/dsmcad.service << EOF
Description=Tivoli Storage Manager Client Daemon


systemctl enable dsmcad
systemctl start dsmcad
systemctl status dsmcad

Now it is time to upload the configuration ZIP-file that you downloaded from the "Create node" in the portal and the script you just created above. If using Windows we recommend using WinSCP to upload the files to the home directory of a user that has sudo-rights.

WinSCP upload

Now you connect to the server with SSH with to user to which home directory you copied the two files. Now you need to run:

ubuntu@baas-test-4:~$ ls
ubuntu@baas-test-4:~$ chmod +x
ubuntu@baas-test-4:~$ sudo ./
You will need to answer "Yes" with a "y" two times. When you come to the part which asks which node name to use, just hit return. After that you provide the password that you got from the backup portal and that you wrote to a textfile.

When the script has finished you have successfully installed TSM on the server. You can ensure that the service is running by running "systemctl status dsmcad".

Do not forget to go to the portal and update the node to configure retention